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Spend Less When Shopping Online

Most of my shopping is done online, especially through Amazon with its convenient two-day and one-day Prime shipping.

I’ve talked to friends and family about their shopping habits and what they do to save money when preparing to make their purchases.

Many times, they don’t always get the best possible deal.

Sometimes you can sweeten a deal by using promo/coupon codes found on coupon websites like RetailMeNot.

Another money-saving method I’ve been using for over ten years is shopping through cash back websites.

A cash back website is a website that will reward you for shopping on their retail partners’ websites.

They get paid a commission from their partners and in turn, give you a piece of that commission.

For a few extra clicks, you could squeeze an extra 1%-30% off an order through a cash back website.

Why leave free money on the table?

Here’s an example of how to use a cash back website:

Say I want to buy a pair of shoes from the Nordstrom online store.

I could get 6% cash back on my order if I click through Ebates to get to the Nordstrom website.

When I open up the Ebates website, I will click on their link to the Nordstrom website.

Once I do so, a confirmation message will show that it has recorded my visit.

Now, all I need to do is complete a purchase and the cash back will show up to my Ebates account within a few weeks.

Some cash back websites offer higher percentage returns than others on your purchase, so it’s best to figure out which one works best for the online store you are shopping at.

Here are the cash back websites I use and recommend:




TopCashback – My favorite and highest paying cash back website.





FatWallet – General cash back website.





Ebates – General cash back website.




Activejunky – Sports & Outdoors based cash back website.


Note: I get a referral credit when visitors sign up through my links.

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