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Far Sports 45mm

Review – Far Sports FSL45CM-28 Wheelset

Before I bought my new Far Sports wheelset, I’d been riding on the stock Axis 3.0 disc wheels that came with my 2015 Specialized Diverge Comp Smartweld.

The 3.0’s are a bit heavy at about 1863 grams without tires, tubes/sealant, or skewers.

I made plans to upgrade my wheels after getting comfortable on my bike and improving my cycling skills.

I knew I wanted something lighter, stronger, and faster than the 3.0’s.

Most importantly, I wanted a wheelset that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Chinese carbon has been around for a long time and has been vetted for in many online cycling forums.

Before I decided to go with Far Sports, I looked at other popular carbon wheel manufacturers in China such as Light-Bicycle and Yoeleo.

I liked Far Sports’ newest tubeless offering with the 28mm rim width, so I went with them.

Speccing Out The Wheels

You can have a custom set of wheels built with any of these companies provided they have the components (hubs, spokes, etc.) you need.

If they don’t have the right components, you can have the rims built and sent to you so you can use the hubs of your own preference.

I opted for wheels with 45mm deep rims as I wanted a wheelset for all-around usage that could handle crosswinds yet have aero benefits.

This wheelset will be used mostly on the road.

I’ll buy another set of wheels for gravel and climbing purposes.

  • 45mmx28mm clincher
  • 24/24 spokes
  • UD matte finish
  • DT240S hubs 15x100mm front & 135mm QR rear
  • 36 star ratchet upgrade
  • Sapim CX-ray spokes
  • External nipples, no spoke holes on rim bed
  • No brake track (disc brake configuration)
  • Ghost black FSE decal

  • Costs

    Wheelset Price

  • Shipping Cost to California

  • Paypal Fee

  • Total Cost


Placing & Receiving My Order

All communication with the Far Sports sales team is done through email.

I was in contact with Kyle who was very personable and easy to work with.

He ran through all the details and sent me updates throughout the process.

It took about one month from the moment I sent the money via Paypal to the shipment arriving at my doorstep because there were a few delays due to holidays.

  • Manufacture time: 18-20 days
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days

Inspection & Installation

The wheels arrived true, so I did not need to make any adjustments.

Without tires, sealant, skewers, etc. the wheelset weighs 1600 grams +/- 50g.

I mounted a pair of 28mm Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Tires with Orange Seal sealant and Stans tubeless valves.

For my particular bike, I had to purchase a separate derailleur hanger for non-SCS hubs.

Once the hanger was in place, wheel installation was business as usual.

Warranty & Return Policies

On my invoice and their advertisement it states that my wheelset has a 36 month warranty.

Farsports Fsl45cm-28Taken from their website:

All products we sell in Far Sports are in good quality and under strict quality test before
shipment. We will try our best to avoid any quality problem. We promise warranty for quality in 
18 months for rims. We will repair or replace it free of charge if defects were found in 3 months.
You will only need to pay the shipping cost if the defects were found after 3 months and whtin 
18 months. This warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product
The following improper use will void your warranty
1. Crashes and accidents
2. Misuse (off-road riding, jumping, trick riding, Cyclocross, etc) 
3. Modification of wheels or Improper assembly
4. Tire pressure exceeding 135psi
5. Normal wear and tear
6. Improper follow-up maintenance or maintenance by an unauthorized technician.
7. Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or not compatible with the wheelset as sold
8. Damage or deterioration on the surface finish or appearance which has no effect on the function
9. Damages caused by natural disaster
This warranty does not cover
1. Normal wear items (bearings, skewers, spokes etc)
2. Surface finishes and cosmetic treatments (anodizing, decals, etc)
3. All other bicycle components
4. Consequential or incidental damages (where applicable)
Warning: If you do not follow these guidelines the warranty will be void.
1. Use brake pads for carbon rims only. Change brake pads when wear is indicated.
2. Use high pressure rim tape for clincher wheels.
3. Clean rim surface and brake pads before you use your wheels.
4. Exceed the maximum tire inflation pressure recommended. Road: 130psi; MTB: 65psi
-For the sake of security, we use standard exporting carton with bubbles bag inside. All the wheels are well protected before shipping.
-Make sure you will check the package carefully before you sign to the courier.
-Contact us ASAP if you find anything missing or package damaged.

Basically, the warranty does not hold a candle to big name brand warranties.

This is a tradeoff you will have to consider when deciding to purchase from them.

I can’t comment on their warranty process since I haven’t had to use it since I got my wheels.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really happy with the wheelset and the experience I’ve had with Far Sports.

The wheels perform very well so far and have much better engagement than the Axis 3.0’s I had on before.

I’ll put it through some serious mileage and write a followup review.

If you are looking a great performing wheelset and want to save some money, then consider picking up a pair of wheels from Far Sports.

 Specialized Diverge Far Sports Wheels

Note: I have no affiliation with Far Sports so I will not benefit financially if you happen to make a purchase with them. If they did have an affiliate program I would probably join it.

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