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I Stopped Driving to Work


The main reason I decided to stop driving to and from work.

Sitting in my car, inching my way home is an energy sucking process.

A typical drive home in traffic takes at least 45 minutes.

Too much for my liking.

So what has my new commute done for me?

Save Time

Time is our most valuable asset.

I spend less time commuting by train and bike as I do when I drive  in traffic.

How you value your time is up to you.

I can do much more with the time not spent idling on the freeway or searching for parking.

On the train I can work on my business, read a book, listen to podcasts, or meditate.

Save Money

I don’t have to worry about car maintenance, car payments, car accidents, tickets, parking, or gas.

I could cancel my auto insurance if I really wanted to.

For a monthly train ticket, I pay more than I’d spend on gas alone, but it costs less than car maintenance, wear and tear, and gas combined.

Not to mention, time is money.

I’m willing to do what it takes to save more of it.

New Skills

I’ve learned how to perform bicycle maintenance since I bought mine.

It’s easier and cheaper than maintaining a car.

I like doing it during my “downtime” as a form of meditation.


I’ve made new contacts on the train and at my local bike shop since I started my new commute.

We all know the power of networking.


Doing cardio by cycling has improved my breathing, improved blood flow, and cut the remaining body fat I have.

I didn’t have much body fat to begin with, at around 12%.

It’s noticeably less now–even without having to measure.

Cycling combined with weight lifting is a match made in heaven.


I have to wake up earlier in the morning to catch my train, which also means I have to sleep earlier.

Creating a daily routine to make sure everything is in order sets myself up for success.

When I fail to follow my routine, the cracks start to form and I start to lose control.

Changing my commute has improved so many aspects of my life that it would be tough to return to my old ways.


Mikael Tan

Books. Travel. Music. Weights. Cycling. Steaks.

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